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Why You Should opt for Solar Panels and Underfloor Heating for Your New Home

Moving into a New Home? Here’s how Solar PV Panels, Underfloor Heating and other solutions can give you years of savings!

A new home is a blank canvas. An opportunity to express yourself through the language of design and make the space your own. However, it also represents a number of opportunities to make renovations that will add to the value of your home. And we don’t just mean monetary value. When it comes to things like solar photovoltaic (PV) panels and underfloor heating (combined with a renewable heat pumps), these can make your home a more pleasurable place to spend time, on top of a host of financial benefits.

Here’s why you should opt for solar panels and underfloor heating in your new home.

Slash your energy bills

The UK climate may not have the best reputation. However, even on dull and cloudy days, the UK gets enough solar energy to help power your home. And this can reduce your reliance on energy from the grid. The good folks at Switch-Plan will tell you that you can make hundreds of pounds in savings every year with solar panels as they reduce your reliance on energy from the National Grid.

They can also help you find the best-value energy deals on the market so that when you do need to use grid energy, it’s much cheaper than you were previously paying.

Reduce your household’s carbon footprint

Heating your home with the energy from solar PV panels, solar thermal, underfloor heating and other renewable heating methods like ground and air source heat pumps can reduce your reliance on natural gas. This can seriously drive down your household’s carbon footprint. Having a heat pump combined with solar panels is also really beneficial as a heat pump requires a small amount of electricity to run, having the PV would make heating your home even more affordable.

The Switch-Plan team can also help you find an energy plan that provides 100% renewable electricity as well as carbon-neutral gas.

Reduce draughts

Draughts can creep into your home and make you feel chilly, whatever the temperature on the thermostat may be. One of the great things about underfloor heating is that it provides a gentle and even distribution of heat through the space, eliminating draughts and cold spots.

Enjoy the benefits of barefoot

Tired of walking around in slippers and socks? With underfloor heating you can enjoy the benefits of walking barefoot around your home. This can help to improve balance and body awareness, not to mention allowing the skin of your feet to breathe and preventing sweat and odours.

Get your energy company to pay you!

When you have solar panels, you feed around 50% of the energy you generate back into the grid when it’s not in use. With Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) , your energy supplier will pay you for the energy that you feed into the grid.

The team at Switch-Plan can get you the best rates from a supplier you can trust. Don’t worry, you don’t need to use the same supplier for your SEG as you use for your energy. The good folks at Switch-Plan will help you to get the best of both worlds!

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