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Why choose an
Air Conditioning system?

Most UK installed Air Conditioning systems use two separate parts, an outside unit that incorporates a compressor, heat exchanger and fans; and an internal unit that provides heating, cooling and de-humidification. Building Regulations are pushing new house design to include energy efficient glazing and high levels of insulation with air-tight building design; excess temperatures in the summer months are becoming a common problem in new build properties.


The internal unit can take a number of forms including wall mount and ceiling mount cassettes; familiar in shops and restaurants. However, in domestic situations, a more aesthetic solution is to use a loft mounted fan coil unit with air distribution via ducting with discreet grilles in walls or ceilings.


Some Air Conditioning units can also provide heating. Although they use a fractional amount of electricity, most of the heat they supply is taken from the outside air making them an economic method of heating.

Another great benefit you can have with your air conditioning system is a pollen filter which is perfect for any hay-fever sufferers. Air Conditioning systems re-circulate air within a property and then therefore used with any existing ventilating arrangements.

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