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Why install Battery Storage?

  • Capture excess solar electricity produced in the daytime and release it during the evening. 

  • Capture low tariff electricity and use it during peak times, saving you on your electricity bill. 


Batteries used in conjunction with solar PV are typically Lithium Ion technology which allow for a large amount of energy storage capture, long cycle life times and is a proven technology for over 30 years. 


The amount and size of the batteries you need will depend on your energy, power requirements and the size of your PV system. 

The batteries can be used for household power consumption and for car charging.


Polar planet install SunSynk Battery Storage as well as ALPHA ESS battery storage systems when installing PV systems. These are some of the best value for money systems in the world and have a high amount of electricity capture. In addition to this they maximise savings by implementing: "24-hour monitoring system via user friendly interface to demonstrate real-time profit" and "remote setting/control subject to electricity tariff to maximise profit". The SunSynk Battery storage systems also come with an online app so you can monitor you solar PV generation and the energy you are using as well as what you are storing. 

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