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Other Technologies we provide:

  • Pre-insulated pipework and District Heat Main

  • Car chargers 

Why have Electrical Vehicle Charging ?

  • Charge your electrical vehicle at home without having to use public charging points.

  • Use Solar PV energy for your electrical vehicle. 

  • Charge your vehicle overnight and use it during the daytime. 

  • Take advantage of the government electrical vehicle home charge scheme which helps to reduce the cost of your installation.  

Electrical Vehicle Homecharge Scheme

What is Pre-insulated pipework and District Heat Main?

It is pipework that is situated under the ground, which takes heat from one building to another building. It can also be used to run cold and hot water supplies between buildings. It consists of an outer casing, insulation and pipework. 

We also offer Servicing and Remedial work.

Not only do we service our own installations, we also service other installer's systems within our field of expertise for example Solar Thermal, Heat Pumps, Air Conditioning, Underfloor Heating etc. If you have had a product installed by another company and it does not seem to work, we can also offer Remedial work to diagnose and rectify. 

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