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Boiler Upgrade Scheme B.U.S

£5,000 - £6,000
available to you!

Boiler Upgrade Scheme B.U.S

Boiler upgrade scheme is the latest of several government financial assistance schemes to encourage the uptake of ground source and air source heat pumps for heating domestic and non-domestic properties having up to 45 kW heat demand. It also allows support for biomass boilers in non-urban situations.

How the scheme works

The Government is operating the new scheme as a voucher scheme. The installer, who must be a Microgeneration certification scheme (MCS) accredited installer, applies on the customers behalf to obtain the voucher. Once the voucher is issued the installer has 3 months to install the equipment and then can claim the grant from the Government to go towards the cost of the installation.


Should you wish to have an sir source heat pump installed the government will contribute £5,000 towards the installation cost whilst funds are available. If you need a ground source heat pump you will get a £6,000 contribution towards the installation cost, they have also eliminated VAT!

Goverment boiler upgrade scheme
Goverment boiler upgrade scheme

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