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What does remedial work entail?

As part of the series where we are introducing our team and our roles, today we would like to share with you - what does remedial work entail.


The day typically starts the previous day – with the installers gathering materials, familiarising themselves with the job, the journey and planning their route.


Their day starts at roughly 7:30am, the installers can often be seen with a coffee in the merchants gathering any items they need for the day. Often, any materials they need will be in our warehouse waiting for them, however they may have to collect additional materials on route to the job.


Here is Luke having a coffee at HPS Heating Plumbing Supplies ordering everything he needs for the next day.

Our team aim to be with you between 08.00 – 08.30 however we know what the roads can be like so this might depend on traffic! (If you need a specific time, please let us know. We can be flexible around personal requirements; work needs or childcare/school runs.)


Remedial work is normally required after an installation has been completed for several years. For example – we get phone called that systems have lost pressure, this normally means an expansion vessel is faulty. As we are renewable engineers we have a vast knowledge of solar thermal, solar PV and heat pump installations.

Generally, for remedial works, we receive an email or phone call to say there is a problem with their system, after exchanging more information (sometimes photos or a video chat) we can assess which engineer is best suited to trouble shoot and diagnose the issue.

Here is Luke by our warehouse with a full van ready for the day ahead!


As each job is unique we estimate how long it will take but please be wary that this could change when the engineer is on site as there are many different factors that could be contributing to the fault/issue.


If you have a fault code on your heat pump we have a list of manufacturers fault codes, generally we can diagnose over the phone what the problem is and can either get your heat pump back up and running or will be able to book in the remedial work required. Please note, if you have a service agreement you will have 9-5 Monday – Friday email and telephone support.


Should you need a diagnosis call out we will provide you with a report following the engineers visit.


We hope you find our engineers knowledgeable and helpful while also being polite and respectful. But if you do have any concerns please do give us a call.

Plumbing merchant - HPS Heating Plumbing Supplies - - 01903 507300

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