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How do we fit underfloor heating? Good question!

Have you seen our latest Instagram post of laying underfloor heating?

No? Please do have a look!

Prior to arrival on site, the team go through their installer pack and look at the layout drawing and check they have all the materials they need for the day.

When the team arrive on site, the lead installer will check for any risks and refer everyone to the site specific risk assessment as per company policy.

  • When deciding which underfloor heating technology to install, we will take note of the existing floor construction. For example if you have a solid floor which will not be lifted the best technology to use will be EPS400 Overlay boards.

  • However if you have suspended floor which you are planning on taking up there are a few other avenues! Heat emitter plates for example, which are stapled to the joists and sit between them with the pipes running in the grooves of the heat emitter plates.

The installation we have shown today is a 'clip to insulation' system. This was a solid floor that was taken up, reinsulated using 100mm Celotex and a membrane was laid over the top. The team will fix the underfloor heating manifold to the wall. We then used pipe clips that fix into the insulation holding the underfloor pipe in place. Using tape to show the location of kitchen units to ensure the pipe is not laid under any kitchen units or utilities! The installers will always try and lay the pipe as closely to the design layout as possible. The customer then had a liquid screed laid on top of the pipework.

Once all the pipe is laid and connected to the manifold they system will be filled with water, and pressurised to 3 bar.

The next step is to install the wiring centre, this allows communication between the underfloor heating manifold, the heat source and the thermostats.

We set the thermostats up as per manufacturer’s standard guidelines so that the customer can customise the temperatures at a later date.

The wiring centre is the white rectangular box with UH8 on it!

Our installers will do a handover on site, talk you through the system and how it all works. We always have someone in the office at the end of the phone if you have any queries leading up to, during or after the installation, so you can give us a call or send an email.

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