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Polar Planet - a family friendly company


Today, you might get the phone answered by the double trouble that have joined us in the office, learning all about renewables. Solar PV is on special today "for a bag of sweets and 30 thousand hugs".

Penelope – aged 4 – thinks the best part of working at Polar Planet is “answering the phones and doing the work”, so much so that she can answer two phones at once! While Oliver – aged 2 – is more content looking at all the plumbing equipment on display. Could he be the next plumber of the future…?

Penelope showing Demelza how to work smarter not harder!

*Matching outfits is not a requirement of working at Polar Planet.

Don't worry if you have children while you're trying to balance an install around your needs, we can be flexible and accomodating. The majority of the team are either parents, or used to having youngsters around. We can fit visits and appointments around many of your needs and requirements. If you need us to arrive before, or after, a school run just let us know!

If you have children and need to come and visit the office, we can have someone entertain them for you so you can concentrate.

Never worry about us - we have likely faced situations before, or can adapt quicky to meet your needs.

01903 250222

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