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Knock, knock...

We like to bring a bit of humour and lighthartedness to our days so here in the office we have been discussing our favourite solar related jokes.

We would love to hear yours too!

Did our jokes make you smile?

If we get enough jokes, we may be persuaded to do a prize for Reuben's favourite - if you can make him laugh!

  • My neighbour told me he was getting solar panels.

Well, he's got my respect. What a power move.


  • What Did the Solar Panel Say to The Sun?  You’re So Conceited! I Swear, You Act Like the Whole World Revolves Around You.


  • Solar Panel Technology… So Hot Right Now.


  • I Still Don’t Fully Believe in Solar Energy… But I’m Warming Up to The Idea.

  • You Don’t Like Renewable Energy? Coal Story Bro.

  • What Is a Solar Panels Favourite Drink? Sunny-D.

  • Why Was the Solar Panel Anxious? It Was All Hot & Bothered.

  • What Is a Solar Panel's Favourite Song? Here Comes the Sun.

  • Why Is Elton John’s Solar Farm the Most Efficient in The World?  He Doesn’t Let the Sun Go Down on Them.

  • Why Are Solar Panels Always Optimistic?  They Keep Their Sunny Side Up.

  • Why Did the Solar Panel Sign Up for The Bake Sale? Because They’re Selling Like Hot Cakes.

  • Why are we always talking about Solar energy? Because it’s such a hot topic.


  • What Do You Call A TV Show Discussing Renewable Energy?  A Solar Panel

  • What do you call an electrician who is also a detective?  Sherlock Ohms

  • What did the electrician do when he was asked to fix the electricity at my house?  He re-fused.

  • What is an electricians favourite city?  Washington DC.

  • What did one solar panel say to the other? I've got a sunny disposition!

  • Why did the solar panel bring a ladder? It wanted to reach new heights in energy production.

  • Why don't solar panels ever go to school? Because they already have too much exposure!


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