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Who are we?

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

We are aware we haven’t posted a blog for a while, so thought we would introduce ourselves.

Reuben -

He is the managing director of the company. He has all the knowledge to be able to assist you with any queries and questions you have. Reuben has 4 dogs which he is very proud of. On a night out, Reuben rules the dancefloor.

Richard –

We like to think that Richard is the eyes and ears of the building team, and is often seen on site. Richard is fluent in German after having lived in the country for a number of years.

Demelza –

Our office manager who is able to assist with any queries and often issues invoices. Demelza completed for England in the dance world cup.

Abhi –

Abhijit is our Solar design engineer who will complete technical drawings for you when you show an interest in PV, solar thermal, or heat pumps. Abhi speaks four languages.

Kevin -

Keving works closely with Abhi to produce all Solar designs and drawings. Kevin is a great handball player and played for his university and his state.

Abigail –

The second Abby in the team is responsible for everything admin. Often answering the phones and signposting to the correct member of the team. Abby enjoyed playing in a steel pan band for a number of years.

Jeremy –

Jeremy is one of the installers, but also completes a lot of boiler services as he is gas certified. Jeremy loves paddling boarding, so makes the most of the calm sunny days at the beach where he can.

Oscar – Another of the Corbett family, Oscar is seen on roofs completing installations more often than not. Oscar enjoys keeping fit, and particularly enjoys Mai Thai boxing.

Kerenza –

Is the Queen of underfloor heating and fitting PV. Kerenza enjoys shredding the slopes while she is spending time snowboarding.

Charlie –

Charlie is an all-rounder often seen putting his hand to anything required. We hope not on a roof, but Charlie can do a mean headstand.

Luke –

When not at college studying for his qualifications, Luke is putting his skills and knowledge to the test working to help with your plumbing needs. Luke is a fitness fanatic, and often spends his time on the pitch, where he enjoys watching football.

Jordan –

Jordan is a labourer and is often singing to 80’s classics in his van. Did you know, Jordan enjoys scuba diving.

Monty & Margot–

You may hear a lot from Monty & margot – the office sausage dogs! They offers much needed cuddles at the end of a long day for all the team.

Did you know, the Polar Planet team is made up of 5 members of the Corbett family? Not only that, but a lot of the team have known the family for several years making ours a real family friendly business.

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