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What should I choose when looking for renewable options – there are so many out there.

At Polar Planet we are passionate about providing you, our customers, not only with the correct system for you but also sharing our knowledge with you to ensure you know exactly what you are buying, and why.

We, very proudly, have been running for over 10 years and have a history of working in renewables prior to that. Due to there being new systems being introduced we don’t pretend to know it all about new systems but we do promise to research into anything that is introduced.

There is so much knowledge from various companies who are trying to sell various systems and we believe this is sometimes really conflicting and confusing for you, the end user.

Can you go fully electric? There are options – we currently don’t install them for many reasons but we don’t feel it is something we feel passionate about being positive for your home. We have researched into this, however the systems are a big item to find room for within your home, and the cost of electric is currently extremely high so we don’t feel it is the correct renewable option for many.

Companies will tell you that there electrically operated systems that are 100% efficient, although this is better than any fossil fuel boiler they do not come close to an air source heat pump which can be 320% efficient on the seasonal co-efficiency performance (SCOP). This means the average throughout the heating season will be over three times better than any 100% standard electric system.

As a guide, we believe heat pumps and solar pv are a good fit for the majority.

Heat Pumps: A heat pump is a unit that sits outside of the home and is situated near the property. Air is pulled through from outside, into the system which is full of refrigerant gas that is -28 o’c. This extracts heat energy from outside. The energy is then passed through a compression vessel turning it from a gas to a liquid. This liquid is then passed to a heat exchanger which will heat hot water which will heat your radiators and taps. The refrigerant will then be turned into a cold gas and continually repeat.

As a result of the heat pump running at a lower temperature, your radiators may feel colder to the touch however they are now running more efficiently so heating your home with a more gentle, consistent approach so reducing the need for short quick bursts.

There may also be condensation near your system which looks like ‘smoking’ and this is not a problem either – it just shows your system is working as it should.

Solar PV: Solar PV are the panels that will go on top of your roof. These are powered by the sunlight and absorb the energy into the PV panels. Within the solar panels are tubes of silicon, which are heated and cause the electrical charges, which then turn in turn produce electricity to power your home.  

Solar panels produce almost free electricity during the summer months which make them a positive, however this then decreases with the lack of sunlight during the winter months.


With PV you also have an app so you can monitor online the usage for what you are sending back to the grid. When you send electricity back to the grid, this means you are selling it back to the energy supplier.

We would really encourage you to consider, and be careful, of companies that are suggesting that they can offer you “100% green”, or “zero emissions” – just because your systems are zero emissions at the point of usage however depending on the energy supplier your home may still have a carbon footprint unless your energy supplier is providing 100% renewable energy.

Our sales process we hope is easy and seamless for you. From the initial point of contact, we then ask you to provide more details. From there we will give you a rough estimate of works, before fine tuning this for you. This could be that you want designer radiators in a specific colour, for example. We then provide you with a final estimate. We provide this to you, and then once given your go ahead, we will book you in for an install date.

Once the date has been mutually agreed (and this can be flexible if your purchasing), we will let you know the time to expect a team to your property, and we do aim to let you know who will be there.

We hope to make the process as smooth as possible for everyone that is involved.

Please do give us a call, or send us an email, as we would happily talk you through this all as we do appreciate there is so much information around and we would want you to have the correct install for you and your needs.

We look forward to hearing from you,

01903 250222 or


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