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What does a service cover and is it worth it?

We like to think the servicing of a heat pump, is somewhat like that of a car. You won’t necessarily see it needs doing, but you will discover small issues before they become more damaging. A service will ensure your heat pump, cylinder and central heating system are first and foremost safe. A well-maintained heat pump, as with everything, should increase the heat pumps life. There is evidence to show that a heat pump can last 15 years, however a well maintained, and regularly serviced heat pump could last 20 - 30 years.

At Polar Planet we are aware that a poorly maintained heat pump that has not had regular servicing, could result in a 25% increase in your energy bills. Isn’t that crazy! This is due to the fact that the filters become dirty thus reducing water flow. Leaves, and other debris can also get stuck in the heat pumps fins. Our service will include a full clear out of any filters / gausses and fins stress free from the comfort of your warm home.

During your service, not only will you see one of our friendly team, but you will also get the chance to have any questions answered. We don’t provide the tea and biscuits but I’m sure they would join you in a cuppa!

Our service agreement will entitle you to one free diagnosis call out per year should anything go wrong during the year (it goes without saying we hope you won’t need it), and it will also mean that you receive unlimited telephone and email support Monday – Friday, 09.00 – 17.00. We do aim to do this in a friendly way and do have a good memory for people’s names (and if not you as a client, then we remember the house name often!)

Unfortunately, if your heat pump does fail and you have not completed regular servicing, it will not be within warranty. Therefore, the costs to replace a part could be astronomical.

For our clients who have their yearly service who have needed replacement parts have had these parts supplied free of charge or at a reduced rate. It is something we are proud to be able to do for our loyal clients.

Again, a little like running a car, the service agreement is your logbook for your heat pump. You will be provided with a service certificate for proof of servicing.

Heat pumps and Solar PV arrays should be serviced yearly, solar thermal systems should be serviced every other year. We will remind you of your service being due in a friendly manner, not a hard sale. We can explain the merits of having your service, but we also know there is a cost-of-living crisis currently where money is a little tighter and people are having to consider this when making choices of where to spend their money. At Polar Planet we try to not make you feel uncomfortable and respect the fact you might not want it completed. If you can’t afford one this year, but can next, please don’t be embarrassed and afraid to call up, we won’t judge at all as we really do understand.

!Please note!

There are some grants and funding, whereby a service is a requirement. We can explain this to you if we are not aware of this. If an audit is done and there is not service history the scheme might require you to pay money back however the choice is ultimately yours.

Polar Planet does not want to be a hard sale company, or one that makes you feel uncomfortable or unable to say no. We will explain the importance but also respect your choices and decisions. When we wish you luck for the future, we genuinely mean it as we understand people’s requirements change.

Is a heat pump service worth it?

Yes – This will give you peace of mind that the system is safe and working efficiently, because the cost and worry of your heat pump going wrong will far outweigh the cost of having a service completed by a competent team who have been in the business for over 10 years. We are not a “here today, gone tomorrow” company, instead we “are here today, here to stay” heat geeks and offer you the regular services you need for many years to come. We pride ourselves on our friendly team, our friendly approach, and our hassle-free servicing.

A service history will make it easier to sell a property if you can evidence regular servicing. Service records are available in the office so if you’ve misplaced the paperwork we can provide this for you.

We can also offer servicing on other installs completed by other companies – so if you had a heat pump fitted by a company that are unable to complete your service, please do give us a call and we can do what we can to help.

You can easily book your service by either calling us on 01903 250222, or and speaking to our friendly team. We can book a date and time to suit you, with notice.

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