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Taking the BUS to a low carbon future

Another air source heat pump installed under the Boiler Upgrade Scheme.

The boiler upgrade scheme is the governments latest financial assistance schemes to encourage homeowners to switch to low cardon alternatives.

Since October the 23rd our customers have been able to get a reduction of £7,500.00 from their installation cost! Here we are showcasing one of the latest installations.

Once we have removed the existing gas boiler we installing a new Mitsubishi Monobloc 8.5kw Ecodan air-source heat pump coupled with an eco-slim cylinder and re-piping to replace the old boiler and cylinder. Upsizing 5 radiators to K2 radiators ensuring the sizes meet the heat loss calculation requirments! Finishing off by filling the system up with glycol antifreeze.

The location of the heat pump meant there would have to be pipework down the side of the house, to avoid the eye sore of insulated pipework we encase both the flow and return in white down pipe to be more inkeeping with the asthetic of the house.

Anyone interested in an air-source heat pumpinstalled under the Boiler Upgrade Scheme feel free to contact us via

Telephone: 01903250222



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