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Come and meet the team! Demelza Corbett - Office Manager Extraordinaire

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

If you look closely, not only will you see Demelza but also Morwenna - the Mum to Polar Planet!

This weeks spotlight is on our Office Manager Demelza.

Demelza has a lot of technical knowledge and she is a fantastic mentor to all the new office bodies. She works hard on heat loss calculations, and managing the installers diaries in an efficient way.

  • How would you describe your team?

Friendly, fun, and bubbly.

  • How have you contributed to our team most significantly?

By bringing the team into the 21st century by using computer systems.

  • Who are some of your major influences at work?


  • What is the most unusual aspect of working here?

That I am related to pretty much all the employees.

  • What is your definition of success?

Getting a job finished to a high standard where the customer is happy

  • Who motivates you?

Monty and Margo

  • Who would you select as a mentor if you could choose anybody, and why?

Reuben because he is running a successful business.

  • What is your current job title?

Office Manager

  • How has Polar Planet changed since opening?

We have more employees.

  • What is something unique about you (a fun fact) that few people are aware of?

I can pop my shoulder blades out.

  • What was the most recent book you read?

Conversations with friends

  • What is your favorite pastime?

Ballet, arts and crafts with friends exploring new things.

  • When was the first concert you ever attended?

Crystal Fighters in Concorde 2.

  • Do you have any programs that you are currently binge-watching?

Always Sunny in Philadelphia

  • What would you eat if you had to eat only one meal every day for the rest of your life?

Pork Belly roast

  • What is one thing you cannot live without?

My sausages (dogs)

  • Are you striving to be known for anything particular?

Nope, just being me.

  • One thing you would tell your 13-year-old self, what would it be?

Go out more while you are at University.

  • Can you recall the last time you laughed so hard you cried?

Last Friday – I was showing a hot dog stand worker a photo of my sausage dogs!

  • In five years, what are your vision and hope?

To be living on a narrow boat with an army of sausages.

  • Where is your favorite destination you’ve visited, and why?

Croatia – because it isn’t really touristy, its beautiful, sunny and the sea is really clear. It was a gorgeous place.

  • What is the location of your hometown?


  • With which cartoon character would you most wish to swap lives?

Patrick – from SpongeBob because he is happy all the time and has no worries.

  • Would you rather be a teeny-tiny elephant or a colossal hamster?

Massive hamster

  • How long have you worked for the company?

4 Years

  • What were you doing before this?

I was at Uni, and then working in pubs, I did a little bit of painting and decorating.

  • What is your favorite aspect of working here?

The joy of having two Abby/Abhis !

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