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A day in my life, as a lead installer

When I am heading to a new install, I will receive the information a few days beforehand, and I will ensure I know where the property is. I will also ensure that I have all the correct kit, plans and information I require.

The office team sent me an address, and all information about the client before I get there. This will include any specific instructions – e.g. if there is a key code, or if I need to enter through a certain entrance or even if there is a reason that the door may be delayed in answering, or if you want a phone call prior to arrival on site.

On the first morning of an install, I will visit our offices and load any required equipment and visit various merchant for any items I may need. I’m hopeful that doing this now, means that I will have everything required and not have to leave the install.

I will then head to site, when I arrive as the lead installer, I will greet the clients and introduce myself and the team working with me.

At Polar Planet it is important that there is always one familiar face on each install.

We then complete a safety briefing and explain to the team the expectations for the job.

Then we begin the task ahead of us. Throughout the day, I may phone various people – sometimes this could be other installers who might need assistance, or I might need their guidance, head office, merchants, or manufacturers.

We of course face hurdles throughout the day, however we work swifty and as a team to resolve these. The office team work hard to ensure our job is smooth and will look for items and the closes merchant or calling people on our behalf. They may also have to adjust plans or drawings if they aren’t going to be correct upon arrival at site.

We aim to arrive on site between 08.00 – 09.00, however this does depend on the distance from the unit and how many merchants we may have been to in the morning before arriving with you.

As a rule, we aim to finish between 15.00 – 17.00. If we are close to finishing a job, we might work later however we find a safe point to stop that will cause you the least disruption.

We will always leave the site safe, and as clean and tidy as possible.

When I am finished, I always check in with the office, report on my work for the day and send update photos. I may also be on hand to help a colleague problem solve some tasks or issues that they may have faced. I may have to visit more merchants to ensure I have enough stock for the following day, ready to do it all over again with a smile on my face.

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