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We are an experienced team of Renewable Energy Specialists who can help you choose the most appropriate renewable technology for your home or business.  We can also help you claim Government subsidies and reduce your vulnerability to ever-increasing energy bills.

Carbon Reduction – Renewable Energy

Reducing the carbon footprint of homes has become a cornerstone of Parliaments’ energy policy and Kyoto commitments. To help encourage the uptake of low carbon heating technologies, the Government has put in to place a scheme called the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI). The purpose of this is to pay a financial incentive to those installing renewable energy systems.

Government Domestic Scheme – Renewable Heat Incentive

The RHI scheme covers the installation of Heat Pumps, Biomass Boilers and Solar Thermal systems. This scheme is run in tandem with the established FIT (feed in tariff) for Solar PV and other electricity generating systems.

Government Commercial Scheme – Non-Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive

For non-domestic space and process heating needs, an alternative scheme is available called the non-domestic Renewable Heat Incentive.  This is intended to offer financial incentives to commercial organisations to convert to renewable energy technologies. Included in the definition of ‘non-domestic’ there are schemes that include a mixture of commercial and domestic or multiple domestic properties powered by a single installation.

Domestic RHI – Ofgem’s Introduction