Case Studies

Installation of two Air Source Heat Pumps for Heath Farm School, Kent

Air Source Heat Pump Installation

Air Source Heat Pump

Working in close conjunction with the M&E Contractor, Polar Planet was involved in the supply, installation and commissioning of Air Source Heat Pumps for a Special Educational Needs and Disability School in rural Kent.

As part of a prestigious £1m refurbishment, Polar Planet supplied two Thermia Atec Danfoss Air Source Heat Pumps to work in conjunction with an underfloor heating system for two new Pods; each containing two classrooms.  The Heat Pumps supply both heating and domestic hot water to the new units in an “off-grid” area.

Heat Pumps work particularly well with Underfloor Heating and provide a very economic way of heating off-grid properties. The low temperatures required by underfloor heating means that the Heat Pumps operate very efficiently; the efficiency is further enhanced by an automatic weather compensation system, matching the heat pumps output to the buildings’ requirements throughout the year.


Installation of a NIBE Ground Source Heat Pump for Aberdour School, Surrey

Ground Source Heat Pump

Ground Source Heat Pump

Polar Planet carried out the installation and commissioning of a Ground Source Heat Pump for a School in Surrey to their new teaching block.

The Heat Pump works in conjunction with underfloor heating, radiators and air pre-heaters as part of an automatic natural ventilation heating system.  The system uses carbon dioxide sensors to ensure that sufficient fresh air is provided to the pupils without wasting heat when the building is experiencing low occupancy.

The installation was completed to MCS standards and assistance is being provided to the school to enable them to claim the government Renewable Heat Incentive for the installation.


Installation of Mitsubishi Cascaded Air Source Heat Pumps and Air Conditioning Unit for Cumnor House School, Sussex

Cascading Air Source Heat Pumps

Cascading Air Source Heat Pumps and Air Conditioning Unit

Plant Room Prior to Insulation

Plant Room Prior to Insulation

New School Science Block

New Science Block

Underfloor Heating Manifold

Underfloor Heating

Educational Underfloor Heating Viewing Window

Educational Viewing Window Showing Underfloor Heating

Polar Planet has recently carried out the supply, installation and commissioning of 4 Mitsubishi Ecodan Air Source Heat Pumps in a cascade arrangement supplying heating and hot water to their new Science Block.

Fitted with the latest FTC5 Ecodan Controller, the cascading is fully automatic and can recover from a fault in a single unit and will automatically cycle through the heat pumps according to operating hours.

The heat pumps have been fitted with heat meters to facilitate claiming the non-domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) thereby reducing heating costs even further.

This system has been installed with Underfloor Heating to allow the system to run at a low flow temperature which enhances the efficiency.  The flow temperature is controlled in accordance with the heat demand as determined by an ambient temperature measurement.

The system design allows for the heat pumps to perform very efficiently with a Seasonal Coefficient of Performance of 3.48  i.e. for every 1kWh of electrical input, the system will generate 3.4kWhrs of heat.

We have also installed a Mitsubishi Air Conditioning unit for the Server Room.


Installation of 60kW Froeling Pellet Boiler for Crawley Community Youth Centre

Biomass Boiler

60kW Froeling Pellet Biomass Boiler

This boiler provides space heating for the community youth centre.  The system includes a 6 tonne pellet store, a new fan coil unit to provide heating to the sports centre and uses existing radiators.

The system also includes a tall stainless steel chimney stack to meet air quality regulations.

The system has been designed with the Non-Domestic RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive) in mind.


Installation of Underfloor Heating for a New Build Property in West Sussex

Heat Emission Plates - Timber Suspended

Heat Emission Plates – Timber Suspended

Clipped to Insulation - Solid Screed

Clipped to Insulation – Solid Screed

Underfloor heating systems work particularly well with Heat Pumps as they only require warm water to provide heat. Heat Pumps are far more efficient when running warm rather than hot, and the government subsidies (RHI) pay more money with a lower temperature design.

To get the best from a Heat Pump installation, the Underfloor heating has to be matched to the Heat Pump. This is done by balancing the size of the tube and tube spacing to the heat loss for each room.

The two photos are from one of our Heat Pump and Underfloor installations. Heat emitter plates for the first floor which will be covered with floorboards and a clipped to insulation and the installation for the ground floor which will be covered with screed.



Retrofit Installation for Underfloor Heating in West Sussex

Underfloor Heating matting with pipe

Underfloor Heating matting with pipe

A domestic Underfloor heating installation in West Sussex.  

An innovative system was used that allows Underfloor heating to be installed on concrete slab floors with minimal height build up.  

Most Underfloor heating systems for concrete floors require 75-100mm of build up.  This is often not practical for retrofit situations where door openings already exist.  This system allows Underfloor heating to be installed in as little as 15mm of height; thus saving significant alteration of door openings etc.


4kW Solar PV System Installed in East Sussex with Power Diverter for Hot Water

4kW Solar PV Installation

4kW Solar PV Installation

 Polar Planet carried out this 4kW installation using Tier 1 Solar Panels.  

Tier 1 Solar Panels are those chosen by investment companies for large scale solar farms and as such are known to be reliable, efficient and have a solid manufacturer behind their product.

In order to get the best financial benefit for the investment, this panel system is fitted with a Solar PV Power Diverter. 

This system will measure any excess energy being generated by your Solar PV system, and divert the excess (up to 3kW) to heat your hot water cylinder via the immersion heater.  This unit will control the power fed to the immersion heater in order to prevent any more power than is available from the Solar PV system from being used.


50kW Solar PV Installation for Chichester Park Hotel, West Sussex

Solar PV Commercial

50kW Solar PV Installation

This Solar PV consists of 192 260W BenQ Panels and two 3-phase Sungrow Inverters.   

MCS accredited for the government subsidy – FIT (Feed-in-Tariff).

This system supplies the Hotel with a cheap form of electricity.