Why have a Biomass Boiler?


  • Biomass Boilers use a low carbon fuel source.
  • Provides heating and hot water.
  • Compatible with standard sized radiators.
  • Ideal for retrofit and / or larger sized properties.
  • Particularly suitable for poorly insulated properties; for example those with solid walls or where insulation cannot be upgraded.
  • Relatively low cost fuels (log wood, wood chip and pellets).
  • Automatic, semi-automatic and manual feed options.
  • Renewable Heat Incentive available – See Link Below.


Biomass Boilers burn organic material, principally wood.  The carbon dioxide that is produced when the Biomass is burnt is absorbed by the next crop of trees and does not add to the net carbon in the atmosphere.

Traditional fossil fuel boilers burn carbon that has been locked away over millions of years, thus increasing atmospheric carbon which is one of the main causes of global warming.

The main advantage to Biomass heating is that it is likely to work with existing radiator systems. Biomass is particularly suitable for poorly insulated properties; for example those with solid walls or where insulation cannot be upgraded. High heat outputs are available without the need for 3 phase electricity, making it particularly suited for larger properties.

Biomass Boilers are supported under the Government RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive) scheme, and unlike other renewable energy systems, ALL of the heat supplied to the property is included in the calculation.

The design of a biomass system is dependent on the type of fuel chosen, and the degree of automation that you require. There are three types of automation; Automatic, Semi-Automatic and Manual.


Log Wood

These boilers require manual feeding, probably on a daily basis during the cold months. Depending on the type of boiler, ash removal can be automatic or manual. Log wood has the potential for the lowest heating costs, particularly when woodland is available.

Generally log wood boilers require the greatest manual input. Log wood boilers utilise large buffer tanks to store heat, typically a daily burn tops up the contents of the buffer and the heating and hot water systems draw heat from the buffer.


ETA SH Log Boiler


Wood Chip

These boilers are capable of self feeding and automatic ash removal. They utilise chipped log wood which can be automatically fed to the boiler using augers (Archimedian screw) . The fuel is intermediate in cost between log wood and pellets. For those with woodland, the dried wood can be chipped.  It is possible for you to chip the wood yourself should you have the appropriate machinery, or you could employ contractors who will carry this out for you.

Domestic sized wood chip boilers are available, however wood chip lends itself to larger systems with high heat demands such as Hotels and Nursing homes.


ETA HACK Wood Chip Boiler



These boilers are available with manual and automatic options.  Automatic pellet boilers require minimal user intervention and in many respects are similar to conventional oil or gas boilers.

Pellets are produced from wood dust, typically a waste product from wood mills. Pellets are formed by compressing wood dust under high pressure. The natural resins in the wood bind the dust to produce a stable and concentrated form of Biomass. The high energy density of the pellets and high packing density means that the storage volume is the lowest of all the biomass fuels. Wood pellets can be automatically fed using a pneumatic feed system, and delivery to the pellet store can be achieved by blowing the pellets through hoses.

For manual boilers, pellets can be fed by hand to a day hopper from easily manageable 10kg bags.


ETA PU 7kW – 15kW Pellet Boiler

ETA PC 20kW – 50kW Pellet Boiler

ETA PE-K 35kW – 90kW Pellet Boiler



Outdoor Pellet Boilers

These boilers are ideal for properties which do not have the space requirements to site a biomass boiler inside.

The Slim E-Compact model can be sited directly against an external wall of a property, should the garden area be restricted for space. 

The Standard E-Compact model can be sited remotely in the garden area or adjacent to an external wall of a property. 

Features and benefits are shown within link below.


E-Compact Outdoor Pellet Boiler



Manufacturer’s of Biomass technology, to name but a few, are: ETA, MCZ, Eco Angus, Froling, HDG, Windhager, WES.



RHI Scheme


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